Monday, June 4, 2007

Do Not Shop at Limited Too!

Where to begin...first and fore most, what kind of so called "high end" girls store sells jewelry with lead??? Not to mention sleepwear that does not pass federal safety standards!

On June 3rd, 2007 I took my two girls on a shopping spree to the Limited Too store in Woodbury. The girls each had $30 giftcards from their aunt, who knew that they liked shopping there.

We planned to buy the cute new tote bags, and some summer clothing for an upcoming trip. The girls were so excited. We looked around, there was no one else shopping in the store (weird), but there were about 6 or so girls working that day. I over heard one of them say "I am sooo glad i got this job, I really didn't want to work at McDonalds."

We brought our selections to the counter to pay. The girls each had selected enough stuff, that they were spending well over the amount of the giftcards that they came with. We waited for about 5 minutes for someone to come over and help us. No one came, so I walked up to one of the girls and said "we're ready to pay for our selections". She walked over to the register, rang up my first daughter's things. She stared at the register for a few minutes and said " receipt". She said to hang on a minute while she goes to get some help.

The next girl re-rang in the entire transaction, then announced "there's nothing on this giftcard!" I said, yes, that's because she already redeemed the card in the transaction that she just made with us, and apparently no receipt came out.

I looked at the first girl as if to get some kind of support-she explained what hse had done, and what the result was.

The second girl called her corporate office, explained to someone that there was a customer here saying that she "had something on a card that was blank". The person on the phone told her that "according to the records, that the card had just been redeemed today." I said "YES!!! That's because she just rang it into the register!" The second girl was not getting it...she said, well, apparently there was a computer glitch, and there is nothing we can do about it. Here's a number to the corporate office. You can call them if you want to.

I said, so let me make sure I am understanding you correctly, you are not going to let me complete this purchase? She said "There is nothing we can do".

I was furious at this point. I said, "O.K., lets try this then: You ring in just the two totebags on the other giftcard, have someone watch you, to make sure you do it right, and I will just get the tote bags for now. She said, "well, then you won't get the 50% off sale price." I was beyond furious...I said, you CAN do that for me...I worked retail for 15 years, I know you can at LEAST do this for me-please give me one reason to ever shop here again!

She said "Sorry."

I asked for my giftcards back, she handed them to me, and I walked out of the store.

I have called the corporate office (two different phone numbers, one that I got off of the website, and one that the store employee gave me) I have yet to hear back from anyone.

So, I have nothing, and they have my $30.